50. Can CBD treat postpartum depression and anxiety? Can you take CBD if you’re breastfeeding? - Holistic postpartum depression treatment, new mom, first time mom, & newborn baby care tips

Have you thought about taking CBD to treat your postpartum depression or anxiety?


I’ve done some research for you on the topic and today I’m delivering the facts about what we know so far about CBD as a treatment for PPD/PPA, and how it affects breastfeeding babies.



Listen in to learn more and decide for yourself whether or not CBD is the treatment option for you.

The Better Postpartum Podcast - 50. Can CBD treat postpartum depression and anxiety_ Can you take CBD if you’re breastfeeding_ - Holistic postpartum (4) New mom, new mom podcast, new mom care package, new mom must haves, new mom essentials, new mom encouragement, new mom exhaustion, new mom essentials list, first time mom, first time mom podcast, first time mom tips, first time mom essentials, first time mom checklist, postpartum, postpartum depression, postpartum hair loss, postpartum anxiety, breastfeeding, breastfeeding tips, breastfeeding diet, breastfeeding and pumping schedule, breastfeeding foods, breastfeeding positions



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So that means like humans, animals, plants, anything that’s alive, has homeostasis basically, in order to survive. So when you think about like, how your body reacts to being in the cold for example, that is Homeostasis at doing its work, right. So when you feel cold, you get goosebumps, which is your body’s way of trying to retain heat so that you don’t freeze to death. And because your body needs to, you know, maintain a certain temperature in order for all of your systems to function properly. That is an example of your body maintaining that homeostasis. Okay. So, when we look at how CBD runs through your body, it interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system, which again is the system that helps your body to maintain homeostasis. A lot of big words, you’re doing great to stay with me. So researchers believe that CBD can turn on or off those certain receptors within the endocannabinoid system, which is why we see people having certain reactions to CBD like a decrease in chronic pain levels are lower anxiety, less depression, improved mood overall. And it’s believed that CBD directly affects those receptors that are involved with serotonin specifically, which is like your happy hormone. It’s the one that regulates your mood. And that’s why more and more moms with postpartum depression and anxiety are considering using CBD to treat their symptoms. Unfortunately, because this is all so new, there’s really not a lot of research into the effectiveness of CBD for treating postpartum depression and anxiety specifically. And there’s also not enough research to say whether or not it’s safe to consume while breastfeeding. I know I’m sure you were like Angel has an answer, but I don’t. I’m just gonna give you some facts and then you can make decisions for yourself. That’s That’s what postpartum doulas are about. That’s what I’m about. So yeah, there just haven’t been enough studies on like the long term effects of CBD on breastfed babies. And at this time, right now, currently, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that mothers who want to breastfeed completely Abstain from all cannabis products. The FDA and the Drug Administration has also put out a warning advising people against using cannabis products of any kind during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. So if you are going to talk to your doctor about this, just know they’re probably going to recommend that you stick to traditional traditional antidepressants like Zoloft or Lexapro. With that I will say that I tried to find studies on those drugs as well to see if there are any long term effects of those drugs on breastfed babies. To be honest, there’s not a lot of information on those drugs either. It seems to me that like the safer option between Zoloft or Lexapro would be Zoloft. Just on the little bit of research that I did, your doctor might be able to tell you more about it. But there really haven’t been any studies that prove Zoloft specifically to be harmful to breastfed babies. But Lexapro might have an effect on your baby’s behavior. That was like a very small group that was kind of like, linked with the behavioral issues. But research again, is super, super limited. But anyways, we’re not talking about antidepressants. We’re talking about CBD specifically. So back to it. Now because CBD is so powerful, it is definitely possible that it can have an effect on your baby’s development. But again, we don’t know what those effects might be in the long term. I have been looking at some like anecdotal reports from moms who do consume CBD. And I haven’t found any moms who feel like it’s harmed their babies in any way. But again, anecdotal reports are not research. So just take that information for what it is. What I would recommend that you do is to just chat with your doctor about using CBD before you go all in and start using it. And if your doctor doesn’t know much about it, then just find one who does because there are doctors who are really into CBD and they know a lot more and they could help you. Like steer you in the right direction. So whether you’re suffering from pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, CBD can help you with all of those things. Most doctors will tell you to steer clear of it while you’re breastfeeding. But if you’re not breastfeeding, and you’re struggling with those things, especially the postpartum depression or anxiety that you would be a perfect candidate for CBD products. Now,


even though the doctors will tell you to stay away from CBD while nursing, I do think that it’s worth mentioning that some cannabinoids are already present in breast milk. So remember, CBD is just one type of cannabinoid. It’s just not one that’s already present in your breast milk unless you’re actively consuming CBD. So if you do want to try CBD, just consider like, maybe a tincture. The tinctures offer rapid onset relief Usually within just a few minutes, other ways to consume CBD like gummies or soft gels, they typically won’t take effect until about 90 minutes after consumption, which is usually too long to tell if this CBD is actually working for you or not. Because you know, you might be having a panic attack and then 90 minutes later you’re maybe you’re over it, you know, so then there’s no way to know. So the tincture is better. It’s a better way to tell if something’s working for you or not. Now, while the CBD is a great option for treating anxiety and depression in general, Postpartum Mood disorders tend to have many layers to them, which is why it’s important to also seek out those evidence based treatment options like social support and talk therapy as well. Megan ELO, who sees patients at Nest counseling and wellness says many cases of PPD or PPA are not just treating the depressive or anxious feelings but about dressing the huge loss of identity many new parents face the deep isolation that parents feel when cooped up with a baby or the the pain of unresolved childhood wounds. CBD doesn’t address those deeper issues. So I think that’s a really good point. Allison, Stu B. I’m so sorry. I don’t know how to say her name is s t u e. B E. She is a doctor and maternal fetal medicine physician and medical director of lactation Services at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She says that while the long term effects of antidepressants on nursing newborns is unknown, the long term effects of being raised by a mother with untreated depression are well established. Wow. So basically, it’s better to receive treatment of some kind, whether that’s antidepressants, CBD, therapy, social support, it’s better to receive treatment than to go without. So if you do decide to use CBD, I really I wouldn’t recommend relying on it fully. But maybe use it as a supplement in, in like within your entire treatment plan. Alright, that is really all that I have on CBD. I like I said, there’s not a lot out there. Do your own research as with anything else, seek guidance from your medical professionals. And that’s pretty much it. And friends, listen, as always, don’t forget, you can come hang out with me on Instagram at Angel swan. You can grab my free postpartum planner on my website, Angel Swan calm. And of course, don’t forget to go and leave me that rating and review on Apple podcasts. Make sure you subscribe so you never miss an episode. Thank you so much for listening. I will talk to you soon. Bye. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to the better postpartum podcast. Here’s what I want you to do next. If you loved what you heard today, would you do me a giant favor and leave me a written five star review? Those little love notes that you leave are the perfect way to thank me for putting out these episodes just for you. Seriously, it would mean the world to me. Next, take a screenshot of the episode you’re listening to right now and share it on your Instagram stories and make sure you tag me at Angel dot swan. That’s SW o n so that more moms can find this podcast and hopefully get the advice and encouragement they need to truly thrive with their babies. And don’t forget to come back every single week for more nuggets of wisdom and truth bombs about the early motherhood journey. I’ll talk to you next time. Bye bye

The Better Postpartum Podcast - 50. Can CBD treat postpartum depression and anxiety_ Can you take CBD if you’re breastfeeding_ - Holistic postpartum (4) New mom, new mom podcast, new mom care package, new mom must haves, new mom essentials, new mom encouragement, new mom exhaustion, new mom essentials list, first time mom, first time mom podcast, first time mom tips, first time mom essentials, first time mom checklist, postpartum, postpartum depression, postpartum hair loss, postpartum anxiety, breastfeeding, breastfeeding tips, breastfeeding diet, breastfeeding and pumping schedule, breastfeeding foods, breastfeeding positions
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