20. This mom is on a mission to help you have a successful breastfeeding journey part 2 - Teran Martin of Mama‘s Milk Wrap & The Nustle as featured in Healthy Mom & Baby

In today’s episode, you get to hear the second half of my conversation with Teran Martin. She’s a mom to 2 littles and had a difficult time breastfeeding them. 

She took her own breastfeeding struggle and turned it into The Nustle! The Nustle is THE ONLY breastfeeding product you need throughout your entire breastfeeding journey from beginning to end. 

Don’t just take it from me… The Nustle is being featured by Healthy Mom & Baby as their go-to breastfeeding product for Spring 2021!

Listen in to learn more about this incredible product that is changing the lives of so many breastfeeding mommas out there!


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Angel 0:00
Hey hey, welcome to the better postpartum podcast. I’m your host Angel Swan, crunchy Christian mama to one and postpartum doula to many. I help moms care for their bodies, minds and newborns naturally during the first three months after birth. If you’re looking for pro tips on how to nurture your body naturally after childbirth, take care of your newborn baby using crunchy mama methods and help your whole family thrive during the fourth trimester, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a lot to cover. So let’s dive in. I’ll see you inside the episode

Angel 0:39
Okay, guys, so as you remember from our last episode, we were chatting with Taryn Martin from Mama’s milk rap talking about her amazing products called the Nussle. So now we’re just gonna jump right back into that conversation. And here we go. So actually, with that, I know that you have a slip cover. So tell me a little bit, I had a potential customer asked me what happens if I spilled milk on it? So can you tell me a little bit about how I might care for that, and, and then tell me about the slipcover because those things are really cool.

Teran 1:19
So if on gen one of the nozzle really, if you have spillage on the body, you want to be really gentle with it, just plot on a little bit of water in the area that had this village to the loot the milk so that it won’t become so won’t sit there kind of helps to wash that off. Yeah, I wanted some don’t submerge it underwater, because that’s just not going to do the rep any good. Because it’s filled with a natural material. We’ve been really intentional on making sure that this is a clean product, natural all the way through focusing in on just all like you said, being thorough in our our end of work. Yeah. And so that’s also been a comment that I’ve had through the growth of the businesses, hey, you know what happens this. So I’ve had to work and I built out a slipcover. We have it on production line with our manufacturer right now. So those will be coming out on a grander scale here soon. But right now we have, I’m still stepping in until I get my manufactured ones, and still stepping in and making those for us. But the slipcover will help to be the first line of defense. Okay, if you have that spillage, you have that cover that you can take off, throw it in the washing machine, and then you can reuse that. And it’s just when you have that spillage, like I said, first line of defense, it’s what’s gonna hit it first, pull it off as soon as you notice the spill, and then just take care of it from there. Okay, also straps if you get spillage on the strap. I have a mom who particularly likes to use vinegar and baking soda to keep her straps, nice pearly white. And so I was like, you know, that’s what works. I love that and she just feels like she’s keeping up with her product. It’s nice and clean and ready to go every time she’s ready to use it. But also, I’ve taken it a step further with our gen two coming out with the body of the muscle that is going to have a water repellent feature to it. So it’s still very breathable, you can still feel that moist heat coming from it. It’s been tested, it’s okay. Okay, a tech. It’s a special organization that does a lot of testing. So it’s approved. And so I’m really excited about this going being out here soon. Where I mean, I could literally take the entire rap, dump it in water and pull it back out and it will nothing will be touched on the inside. That’s it is amazing. So very excited about having that coming out. But even then I still say like having that slip cover. What’s really nice about this lip cover is you know, I haven’t touched on this yet. The nozzle itself right now will hold its temperature for 20 to 30 minutes. Oh, it’s typically the time of a nursing or pumping session. Yeah. So that’s one thing that I absolutely love about is that it’s longevity of the heat therapy that it will stay with warm but with the slipcover we’re now seeing times going from 20 to 30 minutes to 30 to 40 because it’s adding that line of insulation Yeah, that’s helping to keep that heat in there. So you’re still getting the added benefit having longer times if you need to pump that long. Mom I hope that you’re able to put it on you have wonderful lead downs and in I have seen pumping times actually decrease because the milk outputs coming so much quicker. easier where moms aren’t having to be tied up for so long. Yeah,

Angel 5:05
that was actually my exact experience because I didn’t. I’m still breastfeeding. And I tested out the Nussle for pumping. And I actually really struggled with pumping. My body just doesn’t like it. And I like I have the right flange size and using the right settings and doing all the things right, but it’s just like, I think it’s a mental thing for me. It’s just very hard for me to have a letdown when I’m pumping. And I have so much milk I have an oversupply. And I would be hooked up to the pump for so long, just trying to fully like Drain the breast so that I don’t get clogs because of how those and it’s the worst. Yeah, luckily haven’t had mastitis. But clogs. Definitely they suck. But yeah, I tried to nestle and I have never pumped so much milk so quickly. Literally like fifth 15 minutes, I had pumped around like 10 ounces. Wow, it was a lot.

Teran 6:07
That is a lot. So though with that, too, here’s another point is that the nozzle is slightly weighted. So the most weight on our biggest size, I think is about three pounds. So less than baby’s weight. Unless they’re a preemie newborn, you know? Yeah, a lot less weight there. But it’s got a weight to it. So when the nozzle is coupled with a breast pump, you’re actually getting the stimulation that baby’s the one who’s nursing, you have that heat therapy, you have that moist heat, like their mouth is moist, and they’re sucking their breathing. So if you think about it, there’s moisture in their breath. That’s stimulating as you’re nursing. Yeah. So this is just trying to help to do a placebo effect on your brain. Yeah, saying, hey, babies nursing, I need to be producing encouraging this let down. And it just, it focuses in and mimics that really?

Angel 7:13
i Yeah, seriously, I’ve never had a faster pumping session. Never. It was it was so easy. Like I, I started to feel like I was empty. And I looked down and I was like, Oh my gosh, I checked the time. And it had been like 15 minutes. Like I wasn’t even mentally ready to be done pumping. But my body was like finished. So does great. That’s awesome. Yeah. And like, who doesn’t want to save some time in your day? Right, instead of ours hooked up to that pump?

Teran 7:44
Right? Well, and you’re tied up next to the wall, you can’t be moving around. Yeah, like, unless you have like the haka, you can have it and you could just be collecting your milk as you’re running around. But really, that too, is like freeing up time. That’s something that we we are proud to be able to say in your situation, specifically that we helped you to free up some of that time for you, where you could get back and check on baby or, you know, you have an extra 15 minutes of mommy time, you know, like, this is my pumping time quotations. And your ear moved on to just having meantime. Yeah. So yeah, I love

Angel 8:24
that. And definitely being hooked up to the wall really sucks. I know that there are some pumps now that are like rechargeable. So moms are wearing them around. So I wanted to touch on I’ve had some people ask me like, well does it fall down because my current pumping bra falls down all the time, and I’m constantly having to pull it back up. So tell me about the nozzle. How does that hold up, I didn’t have any issues personally with it falling down, it stayed up perfectly

Teran 8:58
well, so that to something that I thought of when in development so it has the velcro at the end of the body where you can attach it to and so they’re too long strips too easy, easily touch but then also I have a couple of strips that go along in line with the body so that the top or the bottom strap you can bring it in further to help secure it in a better way. So if you have a large breast, it’s able to be adjustable to help make sure that it’s a nice snug fit and then it won’t be falling down. The velcro holds it really well. It’s a tough fit so it’s not something that you’re having to really mess with or tug on a lot are more replaced because it’s got a stronghold is helping to hold up that weight. And then No, I haven’t really had any. I haven’t had complaints about that. So yeah,

Angel 9:58
but just the way that it so it has like the three straps. So the top one you fit to adjust to hold up above the breast and then you have a metal ones. Keep it kind of snug. And then the bottom one, it’s just like you have three layers of customization with the straps alone. Yes. So yeah, I was, I mean, I was just working on my laptop when I was using my Nestle. I was like walking around, but I didn’t have to worry about adjusting it. I could move around. I could get my drink. I could get my snack like it stayed up. Great. Perfect. Yeah.

Teran 10:34
Well, I actually have a mom who shared with me that she will use hers in the car. So she has her pump that she’ll bring in the car with her and she’ll be just pumping down the road with her Nestle. She’s like, it’s the fastest pumping session. She’s like, I’m getting double the milk worse times, like don’t use my nozzle. And she’s like, You know what? I love it. And it goes with me everywhere in anywhere.

Angel 11:00
Yeah, and it’s got it’s a nice, like full coverage too. So you don’t ever feel like you’re naked when you’re pumping. Some of those pumping bras tend to be they’re not like wide enough. And it feels like you’re just kind of putting a belt across your boobs, which is very uncomfortable. The vessels like nice and wide. It’s got full coverage. Like I didn’t feel cold or anything while I was pumping. It was really nice.

Teran 11:27
Yeah. Well, and you have breast tissue weigh up on your chest. Yeah. And then like I said, all the way underneath your your armpits you have that breast tissue where milk has been produced in these areas where you still want that temperature therapy. Yeah, so definitely something that full coverage. I love that full coverage.

Angel 11:49
Yes. Yeah, it’s actually funny. I didn’t know that I had breast tissue in my armpits until I started breastfeeding. And I had lumps in my armpits when I was in gorged like. Yeah, that was so bizarre. So yeah, I love the full coverage that you get with a nozzle, it just makes pumping. so easy and so comfortable.

Teran 12:12
So you mentioned you mentioned earlier that you had clogged ducts. And in our testing stages, you know, that’s something that we had women who faced a lot of clogged ducts with being our testers helping to work through us through design with us, and they came back and they’re like, You know what, I have less clogged ducts when I’m using this. And the reason being is because you’re getting that healthy milk flow, and you’re just processing it through. But also you’re able to take the material that’s inside the rat, isolate those areas that need to be worked on or massage on. And you can massage that heat into that location to help encourage the movement and flow of the milk. And with that, of course, if you can prevent clogged ducts, you can prevent mastitis, because clogged ducts is the start of that infection that could get much worse.

Angel 13:09
Yes. And clogs and mastitis or like other than like a lack of support. Those are one of the top reasons that moms just decide to stop breastfeeding. Because it’s really hard to deal with.

Teran 13:23
Yeah, it is for sure.

Angel 13:26
Yeah, so it’s really nice to be able to have something to alleviate that and maybe even prevent it altogether. Some people are just really prone to clogs. So those might be the people that maybe should take like sunflower lesson to stop the clocks from happening. But like having something like the nozzle to prevent that is great. And let you you have said before the nozzle could last you your whole breastfeeding experience your whole breastfeeding journey. Absolutely. Which is usually around two years. For for people who do extended breastfeeding, that’s actually great. Some people are going breastfeeding, like even longer than two years. There’s a whole shift in the culture. Yeah, but even just being able to breastfeed past a year is huge. It’s a huge accomplishment past

Teran 14:18
three months any past a month for me. Anything, anything is wonderful. Absolutely.

Angel 14:27
Yeah. So So just want to touch on again. How much does the Nestle cost? And where do I buy it?

Teran 14:36
Certainly. So the Nestle cost 5995 You can get it on our website at Mama’s milk rap.com You can we are in a few stores across across the country. So if you’re in New York, you can go it is called the nesting place. Oh one in Texas, called the storks where House in Oklahoma called the modern taught. And so we’re in those locations. And then also you can find us on walmart.com and Amazon as well. So yeah,

Angel 15:13
congratulations, by the way, that’s, that’s a recent thing going on Walmart and Amazon.

Teran 15:18
Yes. Right, right around Black Friday was when we got approved to hop on and be a part of our community. So that was very exciting.

Angel 15:27
That is so exciting. And you guys just for just for my, my clients, in my listeners, you can use my special discount code, Angel 25 for 25% off of your purchase.

Teran 15:40
Absolutely. Well, and also with your discount code. Every Nestle actually comes with a free lactation consultation, Angel, I appreciate you, joining our consultant team, wanting to serve our moms. That’s something that we’ve been really passionate about. And being able to step out and say, Hey, we understand it’s hard. And a product may not just be your solution, you need to talk to an expert, too. Yeah. So we have women like you who are saying, I want to help I want to help see you succeed, and really develop that relationship with every single mom that comes through our door. You guys are excited to hop on that call and say, Hey, how can I serve you better? Yeah, and make sure that they have that success? So I absolutely love that.

Angel 16:27
Yeah, yeah, guys, fun fact, I’m one of the lactation experts that you can schedule a call with. Yeah. Oh. And that was so exciting for me to be able to like hop on your team and and start working with you guys. We have a small team right now. So if you guys happen on this early on, you’re going to get our full, undivided undivided attention. And even if you just want to figure out how to use the product, maybe you’re not sure how to attach it to yourself. Like you can use the call for that if you need help with latching or literally anything breastfeeding, it’s okay thing to talk about what you need, as far as your solutions for breastfeeding. Absolutely, from

Teran 17:09
beginning to or to end. You know, I have women who are doing great in their journey where they’re succeeding, and they’re lasting as long as they want to. But at the end, they they start to question like, Well, how do I stop, you know, and so even if that’s when you choose to use your call, that is fine, too. You have that call available to you. And we’ve got a tracker. So we understand when you’ve reached out when you connect with somebody, and we’re all about honest feedback. So we are questioning, you know, like, how did your consultant handle this to? Like, I’m asking them about you. Yeah, wanting feedback, making sure that everyone is really, what we’re here for is to help support and that that’s what we’re representing. Yeah. So I absolutely love that. One other thing I want to add in real quick is the nozzle to is for for beginning, middle and end of like the whole nursing journey. Yeah. But then also like pregnancy, as a pregnancy belly band, you can use that heat therapy on your back and use the straps to help support baby. So you have the ability to Gosh, I’ve used mine the other day on my sore back and still running around cooking dinner bending over picking up toys, I have that mobility, I’m not tied to the wall. Absolutely love that. And then just that supportive lifting baby helping to carry some of that weight.

Angel 18:43
Oh yeah, that’s huge, especially in the third trimester, you just feel like the baby’s gonna fall right out of your stomach.

Teran 18:51
That’s true. And then also, after delivery, you can use it to as a fairly compression band. So you can have that temperature therapy, that whole hot or the cold therapy that you’re needing for healing, it helps to promote a healthy healing process after delivery after C section. It’s nice and lightweight. And you can apply compression therapy and help to pull back in your organs back into place after babies this displaced everything you know, you want to start getting your belly back into, well, this is where you’re supposed to sit, retrain you so you can use the muscle to help with that as well. And then even after that, like I I guess that I still use my muscle and I use it for anything great for knees and ankles. And, you know, I have really bad reactions to bug bites. And I love using my cold Nussle on the inflamed bug bite just to help soothe down that irritation from the reaction that I get. Yeah, it’s just one of those things that really became any household must have for my family and many out there. That is just so versatile.

Angel 20:07
My favorite thing is seeing like the husband pick up the muscle and use it. Because like everybody can use it. Exactly. I

Teran 20:16
have women saying, hey, my husband just took mine for me and I can’t find it. I need another one. Okay, happy to help. They love it. That heat therapy. They’re hiding him away from their wives because they’re like, this is really cool.

Angel 20:32
Yeah, I mean, it’s just like I use it every month when I get my period. I use it on my lower back. I heat it up, pop it on. And that way I’m able to still move around and chase my toddler and yes, do all the things that I need to do without feeling like I’m about to throw my back out. Not be tied up to the wall because heating pads are great, but like the for mobility as a mom, mom. Oh, no. Right, exactly.

Teran 21:00
Ellen cramping from the menstrual cycles. Yes. You know, I have a couple of moms who have endometriosis. I too have endometriosis. So even helping to alleviate and calm down the the flare ups from those that just is really turned into be such a blessing in a way that getting to see God’s vision coming through this. Like this is something I never could have imagined. And I am. I literally come to tears every time I hear testimonials and hearing how the Nestle’s becoming such a part of someone’s family. It makes my heart so joyful.

Angel 21:39
Oh, I love that. So, Taryn, I’ve loved talking with you today. And I feel like we have all learned so much. I even learned a couple things that I didn’t know which is great. Where can my listeners connect with you online?

Teran 21:56
Absolutely. So online, we are on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. And our handle is that Mama Mama’s milk grab. Okay, so ma ma s milk rep

Angel 22:10
WR AAP and that’s your website as well. Right? That is my website. Yes. Great. So if people want to purchase the Nestle, which you absolutely should go and get one, you discount code, get your free 30 minute consultation. At Mama’s milk rap calm, right? Absolutely. Yes. And you guys seriously, they can’t make it any easier. Like, all everything that you need any questions that you have, they have it all laid out for you. They have the calculator for finding your size. It’s literally all there. And Taryn is so responsive to any message that comes her way. So if you need help with sizing you can message her. If maybe you’re too big for the sizes that are listed on the site, you can message her she’s awesome, you guys, she will make you a special wrap that will pay

Teran 22:59
you. Yes, I will.

Angel 23:03
I’m I feel so blessed to have connected with you and to be on this Nestle journey with you.

Teran 23:11
I love it. Thank you, I feel really blessed to have been able to connect and having you are part of our team and, you know, fun little fact that Nestle meat or Nestle meats to cherish. So really I want everyone to be able to cherish their journey.

Angel 23:26
Ah, beautiful. What a great thing to leave us with today. Thank you so so, so much for hopping on the podcast. It’s been so great having you.

Teran 23:38
Yes, absolutely. Anytime. Thanks for having me, Angel.

Angel 23:42
Thanks. Alright guys, that is all for my conversation with Taryn from Mama’s milk grab. Be sure to check her out on healthy mom and babies magazine and blog. She is going to be featured with her product, then Nestle as the go to breastfeeding product for spring of 2021. So super exciting for her and Mama’s milk wrap. Be sure to also check out Mama’s milk rap.com and follow them on Instagram at Mama’s milk rap. Thank you so much for listening, guys. We’ll see you next week. Bye. Bye. Hey, lady, thank you so much for hanging out with me today. I hope you enjoyed this episode. And if you did, would you do me a huge favor and rate and review this podcast. The more ratings we get, the more moms we can help. If you want to get more postpartum tips and encouragement, subscribe to this podcast and hang out with me online. You can read my blog at postpartum companion.com/blog. Hang out with me on Instagram at postpartum companion. And join my free Facebook group called the better Postpartum Support Group. If you have your own postpartum story that you’d like to share, head on over to postpartum companion.com/podcast and submit an application to be on the air. Thanks again for listening and be sure to subscribe and meet me back here next week. Have a blessed day. And don’t forget to pray bye bye now

The Better Postpartum Podcast 20. This mom is on a mission to help you have a successful breastfeeding journey part 2 -2 New mom, new mom podcast, new mom care package, new mom must haves, new mom essentials, new mom encouragement, new mom exhaustion, new mom essentials list, first time mom, first time mom podcast, first time mom tips, first time mom essentials, first time mom checklist, postpartum, postpartum depression, postpartum hair loss, postpartum anxiety, breastfeeding, breastfeeding tips, breastfeeding diet, breastfeeding and pumping schedule, breastfeeding foods, breastfeeding positions
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