19. This mom is on a mission to help you have a successful breastfeeding journey part 1 - Teran Martin of Mama's Milk Wrap & The Nustle as featured in Healthy Mom & Baby

In today’s episode, you get to hear the first half of my conversation with Teran Martin. She’s a mom to 2 littles and had a difficult time breastfeeding them. 

She took her own breastfeeding struggle and turned it into The Nustle! The Nustle is THE ONLY breastfeeding product you need throughout your entire breastfeeding journey from beginning to end. 

Don’t just take it from me… The Nustle is being featured by Healthy Mom & Baby as their go-to breastfeeding product for Spring 2021!

Listen in to learn more about this incredible product that is changing the lives of so many breastfeeding mommas out there!

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The Better Postpartum Podcast 19. This mom is on a mission to help you have a successful breastfeeding journey part 1 - Teran Martin of Mama's Milk Wrap & The Nustle as featured in Healthy Mom & Baby​ - 1, New mom, new mom podcast, new mom care package, new mom must haves, new mom essentials, new mom encouragement, new mom exhaustion, new mom essentials list, first time mom, first time mom podcast, first time mom tips, first time mom essentials, first time mom checklist, postpartum, postpartum depression, postpartum hair loss, postpartum anxiety, breastfeeding, breastfeeding tips, breastfeeding diet, breastfeeding and pumping schedule, breastfeeding foods, breastfeeding positions


Angel 0:00
Hey hey, welcome to the better postpartum podcast. I’m your host Angel Swan, crunchy Christian mama to one and postpartum doula to many. I help moms care for their bodies, minds and newborns naturally during the first three months after birth. If you’re looking for pro tips on how to nurture your body naturally after childbirth, take care of your newborn baby using crunchy mama methods and help your whole family thrive during the fourth trimester, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a lot to cover. So let’s dive in. I’ll see you inside the episode. Today on the better postpartum podcast, we are joined by Taryn Martin. She is a mom to two littles and she’s also a business owner, and we’re going to talk more about her business later in the podcast. But first, Taryn, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Teran 0:49
i Yes. My name is Taryn Martin, and I am the owner and founder of the Nestle by Mama’s milk grab. And like you mentioned, I have two little 123 and four year olds, and they keep me busy. For sure. Yeah.

Angel 1:06
So tell me a little bit about your postpartum experience with them. Yeah, so reading experience as well, I’m really interested to hear about that.

Teran 1:15
Absolutely. So postpartum experiences really, with my son, our oldest, who’s difficult coming home from the hospital. I remember waking up at that first night, just feeling really overwhelmed with just getting home from the hospital, you don’t get much sleep while you’re there. No, and then just struggling through that. So one thing that I’ve learned through that journey is definitely when you start feeling that pressure, that depression coming on, to reach out for help. Yeah, it’s my second, I knew how I responded with the first and I was much quicker to respond and seek out some help. So definitely be aware of your own body. That was something that was important for me. And then my breastfeeding journey, both of them were really difficult. It actually turns out that I had a hormone imbalance, okay, so I was producing really well. And then it started to stop, it started to cease. And I called my family, my friends, my doctors, everyone I knew for help. And it was just try this cookie, try this tea. And I was just struggling with that. So really, it got to a point where I had to force dry up my supply, I was producing still, it wasn’t coming out anymore. That’s how I know it came back to being a hormone imbalance. And I had to use a rock hard ice pack and a bedsheet, it was just so awful. You know, I wish that it was gonna be one of those easy nursing experiences, where you would have baby, put them to the chest and everything would go well. And, sadly, that’s really not the case for many women out there. You know?

Angel 3:06
Yeah, that’s really hard. How long were you able to breastfeed either of them?

Teran 3:11
Both of them under a month. So really short period. And, you know, I’m happy that I was able to give them the colostrum and the milk that I was able to use. But, you know, I’ve had to find the positives. And that for sure.

Angel 3:24
Yeah. Well, the colostrum was really, really important for passing on immune factors. So even just any little bit of breast milk that you can give is really great. Absolutely. It’s, it’s definitely an achievement. Yes, yes, yes. So I know you had so you had your troubles with breastfeeding, like, did you have anything emotionally that came up with that?

Teran 3:51
You know, as a mom, I wanted to emotionally connect with baby I in both of them. Because I knew that when I was providing them, the breast milk, I was doing everything I could to help protect them against the common diseases that impact our children in the United States of childhood obesity, diabetes, and all these other factors that really plagued our nation. So as a mom, I really wanted to give my children that immunity, that boost of lower their risk factor to obtaining those diseases that are associated are so common in our nation, really. And so I don’t want him to I had that connection. It was really hard for me to get to the point to realize like, I’ve done everything I could. And I’ve got to make that choice to transition into formula now. And I was really hard on myself, but like we said a moment ago, I have to look back and say, I did something and be proud of what I was able to do.

Angel 4:56
Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I know. It’s really hard emotionally, when that’s like your goal is to breastfeed, and it just doesn’t work out for one reason or another. But it’s great that you were able to like recognize what was going on. And then I know you sought help for your postpartum depression that you were feeling. And at the end of the day, you just have to take care of that baby. And you also have to take care of yourself, because stop being so stressed out about breastfeeding is not good for you, either.

Teran 5:30
Right? Yeah, I think that’s a really good point being stressed out. I know, I did face times where I was stressed out in my body received, like, I could feel it. And I know that baby could feel it as well. And even then, like, I remember putting cold packs on my feet, a heating pad on my chest, and just trying to regulate all of the craziness that came with an infant and in life. And, you know, it really does impact your body, whether you realize it or not.

Angel 6:02
Yes. So with all that, tell me a little bit how how your breastfeeding experience has led you to where you are today with your incredible product.

Teran 6:16
Thank you. Yeah, absolutely. So like I said, I use was forced to dry up, I used the rockhard ice pack in a bedsheet and it was such a scruciating pain, I couldn’t even take a hug will just hurt so bad. And so I realized I just like, got, there’s got to be a better way here. I, I knew. And that was another woman who’s had to face up before trying to force dry up and stopping supply. And I just started praying and asking God, I said, What is the answer here, because this isn’t something that’s uncommon. I’m not a one person out of millions and millions people that spaceless right. And so it really just started to form through there. And it came into being what it is today, the Nestle. And it worked backwards. So what was what’s so exciting for me is that my mind is a beginning to end. But the product development was in the beginning. So I started off with a school, how do I do this cold compression therapy, that’s not going to keep falling off of me, that’s not going to jab into my sore boobs, it’s going to be soften and conforming to to me and give me the support that I needed. And as I was starting to develop and test through it, I realized I can heat it up too. And when when you put it into the microwave, it will produce a moist heat. So one of those tips that my doctors gave me to help with my supply, when I was looking for it was to get in the hot shower to help encourage let down. While that is actually came to be part of the product itself, that moist heat from the shower really does penetrate deeper into the skin to help encourage the letdown or the release of milk. And so the nozzle I realized it puts off that moist heat. So really, as soon as I realized that I knew I had to start getting these made and get it out onto the market start getting tested. Yeah. And it’s been an amazing journey since there.

Angel 8:28
Yeah, really quick, can you kind of describe what the product looks like? Yeah, how it just how you attach it to yourself, because you’re describing, you know, has something that it’s gonna conform to your body. But so far in this conversation, I don’t think we’ve talked about what it actually is what it looks like.

Teran 8:48
So let’s talk about that really quick. So it is like a body wrap. And it is a like a rectangle with individual pockets. That helps to keep the material that heats and cools in place. So it’s not like flopping around on you. It offers full coverage of the breath. So it goes all the way back to underneath the armpits covers the entire breast, and then allows for each user to have the ability to customize the rat, where you can open up these crosshairs where the nipples would be placed. So not every woman is designed the same way. Apples face the same direction Summer, summer in word right. So this the rap allows for that customization to mom to make sure that she can get her flange to fit properly or the haka or any other products that you’re using to collect your milk and then it uses elastic so it will come around and strapped around the breast. So there’s it’s literally what it is Mama’s milk or if it straps around you With rap, and with like the compression therapy we have built in extenders that you can bring around and attached to the other side. And that’s going to apply that compression therapy when you’re looking to have that the compression. Yeah, really to. And really for that I don’t think that I’ve touched on that yet. But compression therapy is important is important and helps with the dry up with the cold therapy as it helps to leave you with encouragement. But the compression will send signals to the brain saying that the breasts are full. So that’s one reason why consultants, like yourself would understand. You don’t want to wear something tight fitting is because it’s restrictive. Yeah. And when you’re focused on stopping your supply, you want something restrictive, and something cold to alleviate the swelling and discomfort and then the tightness to send the signals to the brain saying, Oh, you’re full already. Yeah, we need to slow down your production. So that’s what it’s doing. It’s playing off of your own body, and how you respond to these things. That’s what the muscle is able to do. Hmm,

Angel 11:06
it really feels like you’ve thought about everything.

Teran 11:12
So a lot of time.

Angel 11:15
So tell me how. So the Nussle If I could describe like kind of what it looks like. It’s really it’s like a pumping bra with like that, you know, the rectangular heating pad in the front slash cold pack on the front. So because you can attach it almost like a pumping bra, how might that benefit somebody who’s exclusively nursing or like not really pumping all the regular?

Teran 11:40
Right? Absolutely. So when you hate the NASA lab, we’ve already mentioned the moist heat therapy. So it works for all breastfeeding women, if you are lactating, the muscle is for you. So when you start to see mom, baby, giving you those feeding cues, say I’m an exclusively breastfed baby or mom, and what I do would be to go put it in the microwave, heat it up, put it on, wear it for three to five minutes, that’s going to stimulate the breast into production mode, help to encourage the milk to jumpstart, say, Hey, I’m ready to go into production. Let’s get ready. And through that, we have seen women’s nursing times extend, we’ve seen that babies are getting fuller, they’re less fussy, because they’re getting full, like their bellies are getting filled up during their time nursing. So they’re not coming back as often and mom’s able to get more milk out, she’s been having better nursing segments. It’s just been such a wonderful journey, seeing even outside of the pumping, it focused in on pumping to be able to collect that milk. But to see that it can help those exclusively breastfed babies, moms as well.

Angel 12:53
Yeah, and just something to add to that a lot of my clients who are nursing, a lot of times they struggle with a lazy sucker. So like their baby isn’t always have it, maybe they don’t have the best latch or they just like they stimulate the letdown. And then they just kind of want to like sit there and let it drip into their mouth and don’t continue. So then you really have to work to get a full feeding in. So using that heat therapy from the nozzle to just kind of get everything jumpstarted and ready for baby I think is an awesome tool is a great tool.

Teran 13:33
I love how yours even brought that back around to the lazy latch. Like that’s a good point.

Angel 13:41
Yeah. It’s it happens a lot like a baby will just fall asleep at the breast, you know, because they, they think that they’ve gotten what they need or they’re just tired or whatever. But if you can really stimulate a good milk flow, it forces them to keep sucking and keep eating. And you can’t overfeed a breastfed baby. But you can definitely under feed them. Not Not necessarily because it’s your fault. But just because they are a little bit lazy or a little bit sleepy. So you mentioned that people were telling you when you were struggling with breastfeeding people were telling you to take supplements or eat cookies or stuff like that, how is how is the Nussle better than taking all kinds of supplements.

Teran 14:33
So really, it focuses in on helping to support healthy lactation healthy milk production. And for me as a mom, I didn’t want to be taking all those products and I I did try some but I have friends who say one product would work for them and another that same product one didn’t work for So it’s a hit or miss with the supplements that we’re putting into our bodies. And two, they’re things that I’ve never tried before. So I don’t know how my body’s gonna respond to it. Yeah, and let alone how my baby’s gonna respond to it. Because whatever I put into my body, that child is getting as well through the breast milk. And so for me, I, that was a hard thing for me to process through when I was nursing. And, really, like I said, that when my doctors told me hop in the hot shower for the lead down, that impacted my milk supply it, I went from making six ounces to just a couple drops in a few short hours. And I know like through that heat therapy that I was getting the benefits through that. And really, it’s you don’t have to put anything into your body. It’s using natural temperature therapy, moist heat therapy, very natural cold compression therapy, where you’re not having to ingest something that then would be processed through to baby.

Angel 16:06
Yeah, yeah. And that’s really interesting, because I did take supplements because I struggled early on with, with a low supply and very fussy baby, because she wasn’t getting enough. We had just moved into our new apartment, like literally came from home from the hospital and got our new keys and moved in like, the, the same weekend. And that was so stressful for me. And I was struggling to produce milk, because like we touched on earlier, like your mental health does impact your body. And so does what you take in and what supplements that I take I took goats through, and I took fennel and bless it this’ll. And that was actually not a very healthy combination. Because those supplements actually can lower your blood sugar levels. So I was feeling crazy out of whack and was having to eat all kinds of extra stuff. So that I could just get through the day without shaking violently from having such low blood sugar. So yeah, like I did see a boost in my supply. But I felt horrible. Horrible, for sure. I wish I had the Nestle earlier, in my breastfeeding journey. I didn’t know about the magic of the Nussle and that therapy going on there. But yeah, supplements, they they work sometimes you might have to take a crazy cocktail, like I was stressing myself out over, I bought this pill container that had separate container for each day. And it would be like morning, afternoon, evening. Oh, kinda divided up. So I was it was like a strict regimen of supplements. Wow, it was just a lot to deal with.

Teran 17:56
You know, it’s certainly is dealing with

Angel 18:01
a new baby and trying to figure out breastfeeding and taking all these supplements. It’s just way too much for anybody to handle.

Teran 18:07
Right? If you’re in a point in life where that’s mom, you really want to focus in on baby and not be lost in what supplement that I take already. What do I need to pay? What time of day? Did I even do this or not? Like you said you had to get an organizer to help you understand what you were doing? Yes. And that is just a lot. But also, I can imagine, as you’re talking through this, I can just imagine pill bottles. Oh, yeah, bottles all spread out on the calendar. And you know, for me too, it’s something that those perish. They’re only there for while you have it. So you’re constantly having to refill those supplements if you’re if it’s working for you, and staying on top of the schedule and everything. And you know, with the muscle, it’s a one time product. You get it and it lasts your entire journey. Yeah. before, during and after. So it is something that overwhelmingly, is it’s an investment into your journey. And it’s not a multiple thing. It’s not I’m trying this I’m not I’m trying that it’s one product. And you know, there’s one there’s a study that was done a couple of years ago specifically on like heat therapy, and of the study, it came out that 95% of women 95 to 98. I’d have to go back to my notes. This out of the study these women, majority majority of them actually benefited from heat therapy alone, which is amazing testament that something so simple, can be such a changing step and in a nursing journey.

Angel 19:55
Yeah, that’s a really good point. I feel like some people would might be You’d like a little bit skeptical of it? Because it seems like it’s so simple. Like, it’s almost too easy, right? And I actually did. In my Facebook group, I asked people how much they were spending on their supplements and their cookies and everything. And for supplements alone, they’re spending around $20 lactation cookies around $15. And then these body armor drinks that I absolutely hate. They’re just full of sugar, but like, whatever people like them, they’re spending about $10 on those. So that was 2045 $45 a month, that’s monthly $45. Wow, on all of the stuff that they’re buying to just try and boost their milk supply. And I still have people coming in there asking I do I take all of these things, and I’m still not seeing a result helped me like, What else should I be taking?

Teran 20:57
Right? Yeah. And even with that, you’re saying this, this is the amount here, and you’re spending this monthly? These are women who are trying to breastfeed and supply their baby with their own milk. So they’re trying to decrease on formula cost. Yeah. And instead of putting it towards formula cost or putting it towards supplements, it’s, you know, like, it’s just yeah, of payment of where my money is going to, instead of a true investment. Yeah, into your journey. And my product is 5995, one time charge. And with that, I mean, we have built in such great support and network for our moms. But it just got me thinking it’s like, oh, my gosh, you’re not spending it on formula that you’re spending in over here. Yes.

Angel 21:50
I didn’t even think about that. But you’re so right, like, formula is really, really expensive, which is usually one of the incentives to breastfeed. But then you start breastfeeding, and you’re spending all kinds of money on the supplements, like, that’s Yeah, wow, hadn’t even thought of that. Good. So with the Nussle, it’s super, super affordable. When we go on your website, you have the sizing chart. So tell me like, how do I find the right size for me, because the muscle is awesome in that it’s customized. Each size is special. And it’s made to fit you just right. Which is actually kind of cute with how that plays in with the muscle. It’s like giving you a little hug. And it’s like just right. So like, how do I go about finding the right size, if this is something that I want to use?

Teran 22:42
Absolutely. So I will start off and say that our sizing runs a little big. And we did that intentionally because moms we understand you just had a baby, your body’s much different. And the sizing of what your bra maybe today, maybe a little bit hard to take in. And we don’t want to add on to just like, oh my gosh, you’re telling me I’m a large? I’m normally a small Yeah, like those changes. I remember sizing up my bras so many times during my journey that it feels like how in the world that I get here. But so with that I personally went in, but all sorts of sizes abroad, and I developed the size scale for this. And so the best way to determine your size, I have a size calculator on my website.

Angel 23:41
I love that.

Teran 23:42
Thank you. And so we have a step by step guide and measuring yourself. So say you don’t know exactly what bra size you are. We took and found out what the secret to learning what your bra size measuring yourself is. And we are now like sharing that everywhere. Because I know I used to have to go to Victoria’s Secret to get my bra size.

Angel 24:08
It’s not wild, most people are not wearing the right size. Right, exactly.

Teran 24:11
Yeah. So what I did, I went through and I like I said I got all these different measurements, all these different processes. I did a ton of research on how do I really determine a bra size. And really, it’s simple, what you would do is you take your sewing tape measure, wrap it around underneath your breast, that’s gonna be your band size, okay? And then when you take that same tape measure, wrap it around your breast at the fullest point, and this is going to go into the calculations of finding your bus size, okay. Then you take your bus size minus your band size and then divided by two. My calculator will do that for you. You just put in those two numbers, the band size and the bus size measurements that you have and it will shoot out your nozzle size Yes.

Angel 25:02
It’s great because I’m really bad at math. So I appreciate half of your calculator. Absolutely well,

Teran 25:07
and it’s funny because even each, once you’ve gone through and you’ve done the division, you get your 123 number. And then you would associate those numbers to your cup size. Okay? So that’s where I noticed women were getting kind of like confused. Well, what am I doing with this number? Well, that’s a equals one, b equals two, C equals three, and so on. And it’s just one of those things that, how would I make this a little bit easier? Let’s just put this where you just put in your numbers, and

Angel 25:38
he’ll give you guys? Yes, please. I like that to eat less work is the better,

Angel 25:44
please, yes, I hate math. All those teachers who are like, You need to learn long division, because you’re going to have to use it someday is like, actually I don’t, because calculators everywhere. So

Teran 25:56
Right. That’s funny.

Angel 26:00
So that’s really cool. I like that. And it’s, it’s very, very simple. When you go on the website, you have a whole tab dedicated to just figuring out which size you should get.

Teran 26:10
Yes. And even then, if you’re still struggling, you can reach out to me, Oh, they’re our contact page, on our website, you can email me directly or through our social media. And I am happy to sit down talk through it with you. You know, I often have women who are, are pregnant, and it’s like, you know what, I want to take advantage of this special deal you have right now. But I miss seven months a lot. What am I gonna be so I try to work with them individually learn they’re where they are in their journey, learn about some of their history, their mother, their grandmother, learn how much growth they had. And it all goes into a well assumed estimation of what we expect from the growth you’ve had from started your pregnancy to where you are today to understanding expecting potential growth when baby rights

Angel 27:05
right because they’re definitely gonna your size is gonna change completely after baby arrives

Teran 27:10
from exactly when your milk comes in. Yeah, often, majority of women, you’re absolutely correct. So we try to I personally try to take time to help women through this because I don’t want you to miss out on a deal. And I want you to be able to succeed. So I’m gonna do everything I can to talk you through it, work through it with you and help.

Angel 27:30
Yeah, that’s really cool. How you go through the history with mom and grandma. I don’t know if I would even know that information. I’ve no idea. I’d have to do like a whole lot of digging to figure that out. It’s like a whole little investigation.

Teran 27:44
Yeah, if you ask your mom, if you don’t have that relationship with her, then let’s just go off of your own journey. Yeah. Are you the day? Were you the size that start pregnancy and now you’ve, you’ve grown to this point? Okay, well, let’s assume that you’re gonna have some girls. And then also, if you do it grow more than you expect. We have size up extenders, where it will take you to, from a small to a medium, and so on and so forth. Sometimes, small little extenders, it’s just gonna help to account for Hey, you know, I estimate a little small, you, you bought a little small, whatever the situation is work with you, let’s get you into this where it’s gonna fit for you.

Angel 28:26
Nice. That’s like really, really flexible and very thorough. I like that. Thank you. Yeah, I mean, like I said before, you’ve totally thought of everything. And then as new things come up, you even think of more things to help. Okay, guys, I’m going to pause the episode right here and we will revisit next week. But I want to let you guys know right now that Taryn and her company and her product and Nestle are going to be featured on the healthy mom and baby magazine as the spring 2021. Featured breastfeeding product is their go to breastfeeding product. So go and check out healthy mom and baby and check out Taryn Mama’s milk rap and the Nussle at Mama’s milk. rap.com. Thanks, guys. Hey, lady, thank you so much for hanging out with me today. I hope you enjoyed this episode. And if you did, would you do me a huge favor and rate and review this podcast? The more ratings we get, the more moms we can help. If you want to get more postpartum tips and encouragement, subscribe to this podcast and hang out with me online. You can read my blog at postpartum companion.com/blog. Hang out with me on Instagram at postpartum companion. And join my free Facebook group called the better Postpartum Support Group. If you have your own postpartum story that you’d like to share, head on over to postpartum companion comm slash podcast and submit an application to be on the air. Thanks again for listening And be sure to subscribe and meet me back here next week. Have a blessed day and don’t forget to pray. Bye bye now

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