1-on-1 Coaching

Hey, momma.
Can you relate?

It's time for a change.

Over 6 weeks, we will work together to reach your most important mom goal.

If you want to…

– Get your baby on a consistent routine so they sleep better and have more independent playtime,

– Organize your daily tasks so you can stop staying up late to finish projects you didn’t get done earlier in the day,


– Or create a self care routine to manage your postpartum depression or anxiety so you can feel like yourself again


Come and work with me!

How does it work?

Start with a 60min session.

We will meet online for a 60 minute session, during which we will define your biggest issue. Together, we will find out the underlying cause to this issue, set an attainable goal to overcome the issue, and create an action plan to help you reach your goal. Over the course of 6 weeks weeks, you will work to implement your plan! (Don’t worry – I won’t make you do this alone!)

Break down your most important mom goal.

After our initial 60 minute session, I’ll send you an email with a detailed roadmap to your goal, breaking down the steps. I’ll outline your plan of action and include links to any resources I think will help you along the way. 

Get to work!
Once you’ve received your action plan, you’ll get to work! (That’s right. Only YOU control your destiny!) Follow the steps outlined in your action plan, and email me any time if you have questions or need support. I will email you back within 1 week, coaching and encouraging you along your journey.
Weekly check-ins via email.
I’ll email you weekly to check on your progress, and you can reach out to me any time you need support – I’ll get back to you within a week!
Check in, evaluate your progress, and make any necessary tweaks.

After 3 weeks of implementation, we will have our first follow up session. This is a quick, 15-minute check in where we will evaluate your progress and make any necessary tweaks to help you achieve your goal. 

Congrats! You made it 6 weeks! Let’s have one last check-in to celebrate your win!

At our second follow up (at the end of the 6 weeks), you should have reached your goal! If you didn’t, we will talk about your next steps to get you there.

Isn’t that exciting? It only takes 6 weeks to implement change and reach your goal. I love that quick turnaround! I know it’s important to see results FAST, and I’ll help you get there.

Have more mom goals to smash? Start the 6 week cycle over with a new intention.

With that said, I know you have a lot of goals. You’re a busy mom, always working to improve and thrive! (Me, too!) If you want to meet with me again to reach your next goal, I’m here for you. We just start the process over again, working toward a different goal.

What moms are saying...

Ready? Let's do this thing.

So what do you say? Are you ready to reach your goals and be the best mom you can be? Let’s do this thing. Checkout below to get started, then book your first session!

About me...

Hi there! I’m Angel.


I’m a crunchy Christian momma to 1, coffee lover, and postpartum doula turned New Mom Coach. I help moms practice self care, manage their households, and care for their babies with confidence.


I use my own experiences as a mom, postpartum doula, and coach to give you the advice and encouragement you need to THRIVE with your baby!


If you’re shaking your head like “YES! GIMME ALL THE TIPS! I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!” You’ve come to the right place.

Ready to feel validated, refreshed, and confident in yourself as a mother? Buckle up! It’s about to get real!


Angel Swon