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Hey, lady.



If you’re a mom with a baby (or two, or three…) you know you’ve got a lot on your plate – I don’t need to tell you that!


What I can tell you is that you CAN find peace in the chaos, and I’m here to help you do just that.


Hi. 👋 I’m Angel Swon, your New Mom Coach.

If you’re ready to…

✔ Get in sync with your baby

✔ Master the art of breastfeeding

✔ Make time for your adult relationships

✔ Tackle all the chores that are piling up

✔ Have time to shower, eat, sleep (you know… do those basic things you need to survive, but are so hard to do when you have a baby?)


Come hang out with me! Together, we’ll get you into your groove.


Listen to my podcast for TONS of juicy nuggets of wisdom and download my free planner to help you build up your postpartum support system – because you weren’t meant to mom alone.

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About me...

Hi there! I’m Angel.


I’m a crunchy Christian momma to 1, coffee lover, and postpartum doula turned New Mom Coach. I help moms practice self care, manage their households, and care for their babies with confidence.


I use my own experiences as a mom, postpartum doula, and coach to give you the advice and encouragement you need to THRIVE with your baby!


If you’re shaking your head like “YES! GIMME ALL THE TIPS! I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!” You’ve come to the right place.

Ready to feel validated, refreshed, and confident in yourself as a mother? Buckle up! It’s about to get real!


Angel Swon